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Below you will find our simple "Terms and Conditions" which we ask you to read over and familiarise yourself with. 

This subject is often misunderstood but it's quite simple to example and understand!

Every image "I" capture, I own.

A photograph is protected by copyright automatically from the moment it is taken. 

I can sell a digital file to you or sell you it as a print... BUT, I still own it!

It is not permissible to give it away, provide it for free use to others, or use it on your business website without paying a commensurate rate for the commercial gain such as 'advertising an image' might provide your business. 

  • Full payment is due on the day of the photoshoot (cash on the day) or bank transfer four days in advanced

  • I reserve the right to use any photographs taken in the session for marketing and promotional us.

  • Outdoor locations are done on the pre-selected setting of your choice. 

  • Your online viewing gallery will be available within two weeks from the date of your session!

  • Your downloadable album will be ready within one to two weeks from your order date!

1) Prices are in Australian Dollars

2) Payment for the photography session is due in advance unless stated otherwise!

3) Payment can be made with cash or bank deposit.

4) Reasonable efforts will be made to supply the goods and services in accordance with any time frames or specifications described above.  

5) JTP reserves all moral rights in works resulting from the services (“Works”), and will have a perpetual, royalty-free licence to use the works for advertising and promotional purposes.

6) You hereby irrevocably release and discharge "JTP" from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the works, including any claims based on defamation, copyright, privacy or right of publicity. You give the same release on behalf of any other person who appears in the works.

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