Unauthorised Use of Images

Images that have been either saved, snapshotted or taken from our website/social media without purchasing and have been used on your own page/s is a illegal offence (in breach of Copyright Laws 1968) and allows Jessica Tome Photography the rights to report and invoice for the entire cost of any stollen images.

Ownership of Images

Photographer (“Jessica Tome Photography”) is, and will retain, the sole and exclusive ownership of all right, title, and interest throughout the world, to all photos and any copies of the photos.

Our Large Watermark (while ordering)

Each image is covered by our large watermark which is showcased across the centre of the image

this is for purposes of viewing only for clients to pick and choose from then to continue the process to order and purchase. Using any images with this watermark is violating Copyright Laws.

Our Small Logo (after purchasing)

Each purchased image is stamped with our business logo.

This logo represents when a image has been purchased and is able to be used under the agreed license and copyright guidelines given by Jessica Tome Photography (“as a agreement”). This does not mean you own the image! 


Image Credits

Once Purchased all of my images require image credit to Jessica Tome Photography when using in any publication (online or printed). If clients want to use purchased images on personal websites, magazines etc they must contact me in person to discuss.

Licence Agreements

Before the purchasing of any images each client will complete a Photo License Agreement which refers to the correct use, ownership and restrictions placed on those images following the Copyright Laws and guidelines. 

No Image Alterations

Under no circumstances may any Jessica Tomè Photography Images be edited or altered in ANY WAY!


Copy Right Laws

 Jessica Tomè Photography retains copyright to all images (Copyright Act 1968).

© Jessica Tome Photography

Photographic and Graphic Services are covered by Copyright Laws