Digital Files

Email (Low Resolution) - $15.00ea for 1-5 images

Email (Low Resolution) BULK BUY - $12ea for  6+ images

 High Resolution - Digital Formats Available!

* 5x7 @ $20ea (Small) 

* 6x8 @ $25ea (Small)

* 8x12 @ $30ea (Medium)

*12x18 @ 35ea (Medium)

* 20x30 @ $45ea (Large)

*Low Resolution  Images are suitable for emailing to friends/family,

using as personal screen savers and social media sites

(Instagram, Facebook etc).

Note: However it is a requirement that Jessica Tome Photography are

acknowledged as the photographer when you publicise your images.

Our images come with a small logo to remind you of this process. 

**High Resolution Images are suitable for printing for personal use only!

We carry the copyright of these images and as such, they are not to be used

for commercial/advertising without our consent!


© Jessica Tome Photography

Photographic and Graphic Services are covered by Copyright Laws