About Your Photographer

"This is my passion, my motivation, and where I enjoy my time the most"

​Hello, my name is Jessica and here's my short back story!


Having always had an admiration of photography, I decided to undertake a cert III (in my final year of schooling) , Diploma and Advanced Diploma after finishing school. Undertaking these courses, I was determined into becoming a professional photographer as a career goal.

Since commencing those studies it’s allowed me to develop my own personal photography style and develop my own vision into the type of images I wanted to produce as a photographer.

My photography has been influenced by my love for the outdoors, animals, portraiture, automotive’s and sports events.


I enjoy keeping my opinions open to a variety of new opportunities to better my creativity and experience, it brings me excitement to photograph multiple different subjects across different areas of Queensland and New South Whales.

​For me, taking a photo is about capturing a moment in time which then will turn into a long lasting memory.

I like to take my time to capture exactly what each client has asked for and also love sharing my creative ideas as a shoot is unfolding.


Let me capture something special for you!


*Diploma in Photography

*Advanced Diploma in Photo Imaging

*Cert III in Photography

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