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​Hello, my name is Jessica and here's my short back story!


Having always had an admiration for photography, I decided to undertake a cert III (in my final year of schooling), Diploma and Advanced Diploma after finishing school. Undertaking these courses, I was determined into becoming a professional photographer as a career goal.

Since commencing those studies it’s allowed me to develop my own personal photography style and develop my own vision into the type of images I wanted to produce as a photographer.

My photography has been influenced by my love for the outdoors, animals, portraiture, automotive’s and sports events.

Just recently over the past year, I have also expanded my skills in the drone/videography industry. After working alongside some professional videographers I have been exposed to editing high-quality videos for over a year now and this experience has excited me to bring these new skills into my business. 

I enjoy keeping my opinions open to a variety of new opportunities to better my creativity and experience, it brings me excitement to photograph multiple different subjects across different areas of Queensland and New South Wales.

​For me, taking a photo is about capturing a moment in time that then will turn into a long-lasting memory.

I like to take my time to capture exactly what each client has asked for and also love sharing my creative ideas as a shoot is unfolding.


Let me capture something special for you!




"Jessica is such a unique and talented photographer.

She’s easy to work with and knows what she’s doing!

Lots of laughs along the way.

She helped make our special wedding day so much more memorable!

I would definitely recommend Jessica in the future!! 

Thank you, Jess!!!.'



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